Alexander Street Press is a leading publisher of media for scholarly research. They’ve experienced rapid growth over the past few years, and their collateral was in need of a redesign to better organize and present ever-expanding forms of media in diverse content areas. The previous brochure designs were challenging to tell apart, and with dozens of brochures being used for various sales and marketing efforts, a visual system was needed to distinguish the type and diversity of content within these communications.

Our solution: a clean, modern design style that would integrate seamlessly with subject-specific photography. The large semi-transparent circle graphic complements the logo mark and transparency helps this element to work well within a wide variety of photographic applications.

Single images characterize specific subject areas, as seen in the history brochure example,


while multiple photos are presented in a grid to indicate multi-subject content, as in the ‘Music & Dance for Public Libraries’

Alexander Street Press | Music/Dance Brochure Design


Subject-level icons and color pallettes designate specific content areas and can be used in numerous ways to distinguish particular content areas and associated collateral.